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2019 - Goals, visions, pipe dreams
looking ahead at 2019
my experience in an immersive art installation
VR art-We Live in an Ocean of Air
Women of Silicon Roundabout
a Grace Hopper Conference I actually want to go back to
24 Jul 2018 » OPLSS
where I learn about types and hand Bob Harper a rude balloon
RWC-Privacy Preserving Machine Learning
preparing for the day when the machines take over
Pepe and Veronica play with boolean circuits
RWC-Post Quantum signatures are a Picnic
RWC- Zero Knowledge is actually a good thing!
when the know-nothings have the right idea
why do i care about formal verification
High Assurance Cryptography
Attacking Rust for Fun and Profit
trying to exploit rust with gdb
code review is good
Programming is (NP?) Hard
OpenSSL, WebPKI and Rustls performance in Servo
certificate verification performance results
10 Oct 2016 » Cipherscan
cipherscan results and discussion