Diane (Duros) Hosfelt

Staff Research Engineer

About Me

I’m a privacy and security researcher in Pittsburgh, PA. Currently, I’m focused on Mixed (Augmented and Virtual) Reality, but I’m also interested in Rust and formal verification

In my free time, I enjoy bouldering, yoga, traveling, and using Oxford commas. We have two cats, Batman and Watson, who are the cutest cats in the world.


Mozilla Mixed Reality


Creating a safe, private, and secure immersive web

I’m a research engineer focused on security and privacy in Mixed Reality–I lead privacy and safety efforts for a Social VR product, Hubs, as well as Firefox Reality. I work across the mixed reality teams to ensure that our products are respectful and empowering for users. In my research, I investigate emerging privacy threats and determine both technical and non-technical solutions and mitigations.



Staff Research Engineer, Mixed Reality


Senior Research Engineer, Mixed Reality


Senior Research Engineer, Servo


Privacy and security lead for Mixed Reality projects, including the Servo browser and Hubs social VR platform

Prototyped trusted immersive UI for the immersive web to protect users from phishing and spoofing threats

Identified privacy-preserving solutions that enabled product objectives

Engaged with academia and other industry partners to identify and mitigate privacy threats in the MR space and drove the privacy issues for the Immersive Web W3C working group

Managed the TLS stack and networking components for the Rust-based browser engine, Servo

Examined security impact of rewriting a browser component in Rust and led the unsafe code guidelines working group

US Dept of Defense

Software Engineer


Software Engineering Intern


Responsible for performing in-depth signal and protocol analysis and writing customized processing in Python and C++.

Projects include designing a large scale cosine similarity cloud analytic on specialized dataset and using machine learning to help classify large scale data. Experience in computer vision, machine learning, data science, cryptography, and software engineering.


Johns Hopkins University

MSE Computer Science
BS Applied Math and Statistics
BS Computer Science


Thesis advised by Drs. Matt Green and Steve Checkoway, Automated detection and classification of cryptographic algorithms.

Course assistant for Intro to Algorithms and Intro to Java

Interests and Skills

Intersectional security, applied cryptography, privacy, tech policy and ethics,

Preferred Languages: Rust, C++/C, Python

Experienced speaker and writer on applied security in emerging domains